How to Choose a Face Mask That's Right for You

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Face masks are looking like the new normal for at least the near future when we go out. Many cities and stores are requiring them because they help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by keeping the wearer from unintentionally spreading droplets by sneezing or breathing out.

You and I may not have the disease, but the best way for us to NOT get it is for EVERYONE ELSE to wear one. If by me wearing a mask means everyone else wears a mask, I’m good with that. 

In the US, wearing masks by the general public is a relatively new thing, so here is a guide to what’s out there and what we have available at Regal Beagle.

Note, this guide is for the general public and not for professional medical workers.   

Which type of mask you want to wear depends on what you need in terms of comfort, protection, price, how often you need it, and even how stylish you want to be.

Disclaimer: Please note that masks will not 100% protect you or the people around you from COVID-19. These are only intended to help and we offer no guarantees to the protection of these masks against COVID-19. 


Surgical Masks

  • Comfort: Great
  • Protection: Good
  • Value: Best $0.80 per mask
  • Washable: No
  • Style: Not much, you just look like a doctor
  • Good for: People who use masks regularly or on a daily basis who need to change masks often, like delivery personnel or non-medical workers
  • These are the masks you see doctors wear, hence the name. They are disposable, so you would be throwing these away after each use. They provide some protection against large droplets, splashes, and sprays and helps protect the people around the wearer from their emissions from breathing out. 

    UPDATE: We no longer sell these masks. Check out our Comfort Cloth Masks instead!

    KN95 Masks

    • Comfort: OK
    • Protection: Highest
    • Value: Not cheap, $5 per mask
    • Washable: No
    • Style: Not much, it looks like you’re wearing a filter on your face.
    • Good for: People who want a higher level of protection.


    KN95 masks are made of a filter material that will filter out 95% of small particles. They are NOT approved in the same way as the 3M N95 masks for medical personnel. For the general public, they offer up the next level up of protection over cloth and surgical masks. 

    UPDATE: We no longer sell these masks. Check out our Comfort Cloth Masks instead!

    Comfort cloth masks at Regal Beagle


    • Comfort: Great - if it’s good for your tush, it’s good for your face
    • Protection: Good
    • Value: Good, $5-$7 per mask, but reusable
    • Washable: Yes, up to 30 times
    • Style: Better, looks like you’re wearing a scarf more than a mask 
    • Good for: Most people who go outside occasionally and want a good, comfortable mask


    The comfort cloth masks available at are probably the best for most people. The layer touching your face is made of 100% cotton, with a soft, lotion-y feel to it.

    Interesting tidbit: the fabric is similar to what is used for comfortable underwear (if it’s good for your tush, it’ll be good for your face). These high-quality masks have three layers of protection as well, with a water-resistant outer layer.

    They are also washable up to 30 times, allowing you to wear it multiple times. 

    Click here to shop for comfort cloth masks.

    Cloth facemasks


    There are many other masks out there that can be found outside of Many clothing companies have adjusted their factories to make masks, and many crafty people are joining in on the cause.

    For this guide, we will reference a mask by one such company, Kids Dream.


    • Comfort: Good, made from clothing fabric
    • Protection: Good
    • Value: Good, $5-$6.50 per mask, but reusable
    • Washable: Yes
    • Style: Best. Many great colors and patterns 
    • Good for: Most people who go outside occasionally and want a more stylish looking mask


    The masks from Kids Dream are pleated, which helps with the fit over your face. They are made from regular clothing fabric. The best part is all the patterns and designs they have, from different colors to patterns such as flowers, money, and polka dots. 

    Click here to shop Kids Dream masks.


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