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10oz Black Fine Mist Spray Bottles

10oz Black Fine Mist Spray Bottles

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  • 10 oz size - is the perfect balance of being easy to hold and liquid capacity.
  • Comes in  black sprayer and clear bottle
  • Available in 3-pack, 5-pack, and  12-pack


Even coverage with no wet spots. Sprays sideways. 

Comfortable, user-friendly design reduces hand fatigue

Refillable with water-like liquids (no oils). 

Environmentally friendly. Aerosol-like mist without using propellants or solvents. Made from BPA-free plastic.

Powered by genuine Flairosol technology

Great for

Hairstyling, especially for thicker or curly hair. Used by hairstylists and barbers. 

Misting and plant watering. Used by nurseries and plant shops.

Car wax

Homemade formulas (air fresheners, cleaners, insect repellant)

Facial mister or cooling mist


How to use

Short, continuous mist after 1-2 pumps for small areas. Pump multiple times for larger coverage areas. The sprayer can be opened and locked close with a quarter twist.

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