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Variety Pack Fine Mist Sprayers - 5, 10, and 24 Oz (White Sprayer/ Clear Bottle)

Variety Pack Fine Mist Sprayers - 5, 10, and 24 Oz (White Sprayer/ Clear Bottle)

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Delivers an even, fine mist without the use of aerosols. The variety pack includes all three sizes (5.5 oz, 10 oz, and 24 oz).
  • Even coverage with no wet spots. Sprays sideways. 
  • Comfortable, user-friendly design reduces hand fatigue
  • Refillable with water-like liquids (no oils). 
  • Environmentally friendly. Aerosol-like mist without using propellants or solvents. Made from BPA-free plastic.
  • Powered by genuine Flairosol technology
Great for:
  • Hairstyling, especially for thicker or curly hair. Used by hairstylists and barbers. 
  • Misting and plant watering. Used by nurseries and plant shops.
  • Car wax
  • Homemade formulas (air fresheners, cleaners, insect repellant)
  • Facial mister or cooling mist
  • Pets
Short, continuous mist after 1-2 pumps for small areas. Pump multiple times for larger coverage areas. The sprayer can be opened and locked close with a quarter twist.

Also available in standalone 5.5 oz, 10 oz, and 24 oz spray bottles. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
kristieLen Travel
Great Product

2/5 pack didnt spray and I exchanged for a new set. Love these sprayers for hair, cleaning products, and misting while chalk painting furniture! If you havent tried these, you should!! I paid $14 for the first one I ever had and this is a good value pack! I wish they came with one extra top!

kindle Customer
Fantastic Spray Bottle

Use these for cleaning solutions. Love the misting spray. Long lasting before needing to replace (about 1 year or so).

Play Misty for me.

These are awesome! First spray bottle I have ever had which actually works like an aerosol spray. When you pump the trigger, the bottle becomes pressurized and the mist is emitted in a steady and fine spray. The spray even continues after you have stopped pumping the trigger until the pressure drops. I am using them with a Linen spray. it comes out in a very fine mist and the spray head doesn't drip big drops of the contents.

Jennifer Stetson
Best spray bottles, period.

These are the absolute best spray bottles. I have been buying the Flairisol brand for several years, but this smaller size is my favorite. The mist is very fine and you have an extended spray time from a single trigger pull. I use it for water with essential oils for dampening hair before brushing, for homemade "Poo-pourri" spray, for non-toxic disinfectant mixes, etc.

Ely Pugh
Buy! Worth it.

The best! Perfect sprays for my need.