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PandaBoard Bamboo Fiber

Large Boba/Smoothie Straws

Large Boba/Smoothie Straws

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  • Large, jumbo boba/smoothie size
  • Individually wrapped
  • Comes in a bag of 80 pcs and a case of 1600 pcs

Disposable and compostable straws made from plants. Stays strong in your drink but composts within six months in your backyard.


Compostable in your yard. No industrial oven required. Breaks down in normal backyard conditions. Other "compostable" materials such as PLA only break down in industrial ovens.

Made from bamboo fiber and plant starch. Certified plastic free. Eco-friendly. Bamboo is sustainable and can grow up to 30 inches a day.

Durable.Doesn't turn into mush or soften during use like paper straws. Great for hot or cold drinks. Can even be washed in the dishwasher and re-used 2-3 times.

Does not taste like paper or have any chemical taste. No dyes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
diane hamilton
Sturdy straws

Good compostable straws

These are great !

These are great ! I got them for my Daily Harvest smoothies and my homemade boba teas. They hold up but you can tell they are environmentally friendly because theyll eventually soften. And they are big enough that they dont get clogged. Super happy. Would buy again.

Great eco straws

I am so happy I found these bamboo boba straws. I wanted something more eco friendly and absolutely despise paper straws. Since quarantine started I have been making a lot of boba at home for the family and these are just perfect for everyone to use. It tolerated hot and cold drinks without any issues. There is a very light scent to these though that I dont really mind or notice but more fragrance sensitive people might have an issue (like my mom). Other than that these are great.

Product as described

Giant pack of bamboo straws that can be used with boba! Only issue is that there's a bit of a cardboard taste when I drink something

Perfect big straws

Perfect big straws. They have a cool bamboo texture and feel solid. Toddler did not chew it off or shut it closed like paper straws. No smell or taste of any kind. Posted photo of straw after 1 use and 1 wash. It survived well enough for another use. It looks like its meant for boba, and Id be really impressed if a boba shop served with these. For us, mission accomplished in not having to grind up his smoothies too much to make them fit through little straws or squished paper straws! Individually wrapped for carrying and storing. :)