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The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner - 32 oz Refill Bottle (no sprayer)

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner - 32 oz Refill Bottle (no sprayer)

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Wipe away soap scum and hard water stains in your bathroom, leaving a beautiful shine. Lightly scented formula with no harsh chemicals.


Includes: 32 oz of The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner refill (no sprayer included). Save money and waste if you already have a sprayer. 

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Our customers love it for:

  • Fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl tubs, and shower stalls. Cleans textured tubs with grime ground into the pattern. 
  • Glass shower doors. Cleans soap scum, white spots, and deposits. You'll think your glass shower door disappeared.
  • Grout and tile floors and walls. Find out the true color of your grout.  
  • Other uses. Sinks, chrome fixtures, wheel rims, stainless steel, outdoor furniture, and much more


  • Pleasant scent. Light scent of lemon water. 
  • No harsh chemicals. No bleach, strong acids, or harsh chemicals. Non-toxic, septic system safe. 
  • Work saving. Scrub-free cleaning for many uses. Just spray and wipe away soap scum. For tougher jobs, let sit and use some elbow grease with a foam sponge or brush. Use for touch-ups and tough jobs. 
  • Protective shine. for long-lasting "like new" look and easier cleaning next time
  • Used by professionals. Loved by professional cleaning companies.
  • 32 oz bottle without sprayer.

Just spray, let sit, and wipe off and make your tub, shower, and sinks shine and sparkle like new again. For tougher jobs, allow to sit longer, scrub with a foam sponge or brush, and apply multiple times. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Spray on, wipe clean

Actually removed soap scum from glass shower door that has been impossible to remove. Have tried many products and home remedies, but none as effective as Bucko. Easy spray on, let sit and then wipe clean. Stubborn scum took two applications with very little elbow grease needed.

Dosen't work as good as I would of liked

Had to apply it 3 times to remove hard water

Jerry Fisher
It works and easy

Thank you, a product that really works and no scrubbing. I now can clean my acrylic tub/shower combo with just a spray, wait and wipe.
Love it


We had a shower curtain with YEARS of soap scum build up and the wash machine didn't work. Soaked it in hot water with a lot of this stuff for 8 hours overnight the next morning it only took a few minutes to wipe down the scum!! GOOD AS NEW lowkey. Less work for me, so good.

Tanisha L. G
Not so lucky

Cleaned absolutely nothing! Tried on 2 separate occasions with the power still attachment brushes and it didn't clean. Had to fall back to that trusty bleach.